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Melissa | 17 | Gamer | Anime lover | Fangirl |Welcome to my blog! Mainly gaming, anime, SuperWhoLock, bands, Hannibal, etc. You can ask me whatever you like as well. (◠ω◠✿)Add me on snapchat @ augmentednerd

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favorite character meme rose tyler

 [1/4] relationships: rose and the doctor.

grayglacianqueen Asked:

My answer:

Awhhh thank you!! :D

♪ - song you’re listening to 

~ Hands Like Houses - Starving to Death in the Belly of the Whole 


deancas alphabet {merthur}


the more sexual and inappropriate you are with me the better we’ll get along


♪ - song you’re listening to 
♥ - crush 
✔ - single or taken 
✖ - virgin/not virgin 
☀ - sexual orientation 
✌ - favorite color 
✄ - height & weight 
✞ - religious views 
☠ - worst way to die in your opinion 
✰ - bestfriend 
☢ - most embarrassing moment 
❅ - favorite season 
♤ - pet peeves 
♊ - zodiac sign

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i see a lot of posts about eren and mikasa protecting armin, but what if they’re both injured and they’re lying on the ground wounded and a titan wanders over all ready to eat them and armin stumbles up with blood dripping from his forehead and draws his swords and he growls “over my dead body.”






Cas is just like “I don’t fucking know man I’ve only been here for like two years give me a fucking break I’m about to die for your ass appreciate it.”

Always reblog the Assbutt

the fact that this is the literally apocalypse ground zero go time and they stop to have this conversation 

bobby’s face is like why are #we talking about this we are literally all about to die

I love this post more than I love my parents

I’m ok with that

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There are no words


the story so far - empty space

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my goal is to be the ‘we didn’t notice her in highschool but dang we should’ve’ girl

I got the first part down

[full 1]

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how the grammy nominated critically acclaimed world famous band fall out boy announces a music festival

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League Of Legends Pointer